Katy Perry Colour Pop Lashes in Ka-Pow!

I know  these have been about for quite a while now, and I've had these sitting in my drawers for a long time too. I was sent these aaages ago as a PR sample and I've not gotten round to reviewing them and trying them on. Well, today is the day!

Generally I tend to avoid any eyelash brands apart from Ardell. Ardell are my favourites and they suit my eye shape the best. However these did intrigue me, as they have flashes of colour throughout them which highlights the colour of your eyes. Sounds great to me!

I was sent Ka-Pow! which has purple running through it, and are actually made for brown eyes. I have green, and I thought 'green and purple?' Could work!

Well, I have really mixed feelings on these lashes. Application of them was quite tough. The band is very tough and thick and doesn't really take to your skin very well, and I had to spend a lot of time trying to stick them down. They are also slightly longer than I need them to be so I had to trim them a little - and I don't really think I have small eyes!

I do think they look quite pretty but I don't think they enhanced my natural eye colour at all. Maybe this is because I have the wrong set - maybe they would work better on brown eyes. I like the fact that you can't see the purple when wearing them - I'm not a huge fan of coloured lashes. I was also very aware of them whilst they were on - they felt quite heavy and I could feel them fluttering about..I actually took them straight off after taking photographs.

I'm not really convinced by these lashes, but maybe the shade for green eyes would sway me. I do like the fact that you get a Ka-Pow! sticker in the box though!

Have you tried these lashes? What are your favourite false eyelashes to wear?

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