Lips of The Day #6: Mac Lipstick in Ravishing

I am very excited to announce the arrival of my first Mac Lipstick! Up until now I was a mac lipstick virgin, and with my lip collection, this surprised me too!

One of the main reasons I have never bought a mac lipstick is the shop near me is horrible. Its a a department store and the staff are fine and lovely, but its always so busy and I like to take my time when makeup shopping, swatching anything and everything on my hand. For this reason I tend to steer clear of mac shops and much prefer online - but with lipsticks you can't tell! I took my mum shopping for her birthday recently and I saw this colour and snapped it up. In the store I really adored it, and then I got it home and I'm not really sure. It's a cremesheen formula and I really prefer matte lipsticks, or a satin. Nothing too high shine... but this one, I'm really torn. Say hello to Ravishing.

The colour is just lovely, and the lipstick actually smells and tastes really nice too. I know because its cremesheen it won't last as a well as a matte lipstick and this definitely comes off and needs a re-application after lunch. I do love the colour though - a wonderful mixture of peachy pink and it does have a little bit of a gold tinge in the shine I think.

I don't think this has done too much for my wallet though - I know this won't be the last mac lipstick I purchase... I'd quite like to find some new colours - I really want an orange, and the perfect pink, and the perfect nude. Such a quest for lipsticks....

What's your favourite Mac Lipstick?

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