Empties #4

Woooo I have lots of empties again. I have been trying to narrow down my collection of half used beauty items by attempting to use up everything that I've got, but as you can probably tell from my most recent hauls I'm not really doing very well with narrowing down my collection! I've managed to use up a mini Aussie conditioner, although this used to work for my hair, it doesn't so much now as now my hair is much longer it has the tendency to tangle, and this doesn't cut it anymore, I used it anyway! Make up wise, I've gotten through an entire Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, and I've already bought another one because as you are all well aware, its such a fantastic foundation and I use it every day to spare my eye wateringly pricey ones. I also used up a Benefit They're Real! mascara, although I can't tell if I used it all or if it dried up really quickly. I did quite like it although the brush was a little spiky for my liking and I always ended up poking myself in the eye with it. I didn't review it as there was so much hype surrounding it already, I thought you guys would of heard enough about it without me putting my two cents in. I also got through yet another Collection Lasting Perfection concealer, and yes of course I bought another one! I love love love this concealer as it covers my super dark circles that nothing else seems to touch. I got through a mini Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference serum for combination skin, although this didn't take long as it was such a tiny little tube. I did like it but I don't think I liked it enough to buy a full size, for now anyway..

I absolutely loved this Avon Anew Line Corrector, I don't think I'm really at that stage where I have enough lines to correct, but it did make my skin feel super soft, but for the price of it, it wasn't mind-blowing enough for me to grab another one. However, I won't forget about you Avon! The Body Shop Dry Oil in Shea is a multi-use tool and can be used for pretty much everything, however I solely use it for shaving my legs. It gets amazing close shave, leaves my legs feeling super soft and the razors last longer because of the oil. I will be grabbing another one of these when I remember to!

I've been trying to get through all my half used shampoos and shower gels. Bed Head's superstar shampoo gives such good volume and it smells like strawberry sweets, and I'm a little bit sad to see it empty. You get a huge amount for the money though and a little definitely goes a long way, so I may have a little splurge once I've gotten through my others. I also used up a mini Rehab shampoo by Lush. I didn't really feel like this did anything for my hair, but I did love the smell of it, but I don't think that's enough for me to part with my pennies. Sorry Lush! Of course I've gotten through another Batiste cherry dry shampoo - the cherry is my favourite scent at the moment and I'm dying to try the new oriental one. I've also finished my Bed Head Health Goddess detangling spray, which I did absolutely adore but its discontinued now, waaa. Lastly, I finished up my Original Source Lime shower gel, which smelt like sweet limes and I think its a definite dupe for everyone's favourite Soap and Glory Product! If I could recommend one product out of these for you to try, it would definitely be the shower gel, who doesn't want to smell like a zingy lime?


  1. I'm still on the old bottle of Healthy Mix Foundation... need the new one! Love Benefit They're Real too.

    Stevie | Stevie Hearts Makeup

    1. My skin drinks it up I get through so much of it! x