NOTD #3: Barry M Matte Nail Paint in Crush

Oh I have a love affair for matte nail varnishes, and until very recently, did not own a single one. And then Barry M released a small line of matte shades, and I snapped up two. I think there are four in total but I chose the best two. I chose a matte grey/neutral shade, and this baby - a deep vampy red that I am super excited about. It's such a gorgeous red, in some lights it can look almost black, and its the perfect colour for autumn/winter/Halloween/Christmas/whenever you are feeling it. I would love to say it is the easiest to apply - but it isn't. Matte shades are not forgiving when you have a wobbly hand and the lines will show up as you can see on my imperfect set. This in daylight won't look too bad, but on camera it shows up a hell of a lot! It definitely needs two coats as well to perfect the gorgeous shade. When I first applied it, it came out a really shiny colour and I was convinced it wasn't going to go matte. Shame on my impatience, a couple of minutes in and it goes a lovely texture which I have been loving. I definitely recommend this varnish for those who love a good red, and have a steady hand.

COMING UP SOON: Budget Halloween Makeup!


  1. cant wait to try out these matte nail polishes - love how they have autumnal colours :) xx