Food Shopping Gone Wrong

So I went food shopping today, and apparently I can't even buy food without ending up spending lots of time along the beauty isles. It turns out that Tesco have some really great offers, and I'm a sucker..

I've been needing some new moisturiser as my skin is slowly turning into 'mid twenties skin' and I'm getting those dreaded fine lines around the eyes that we all have but are ignoring the existence of. I saw this Q10 anti-ageing day cream on a half price offer for £4.99, so I couldn't help myself, I bought it. Nivea just does things to my skin that no other brand has really been able to live up to. I think we're soul mates. I got so excited by the half price offer that I bought a regenerating night cream too because it was only £1.99 and quite frankly, it would of been rude not to. I absolutely adore the St Ives Fresh Skin Apricot Scrub and I realised I didn't have one in my travel bag, so I just had to buy one, because apparently I can't control myself when shopping..

And then we come to my greatest purchase of the month. At the beginning of October I realise this isn't the greatest deal, but I was browsing the magazines and Cosmo had the St Tropez wash off tan lotion mini as their freebie this month, so I put it in my basket. And then I wheeled my trolley around to the beauty clearance section, and came across the FULL SIZE St Tropez Instant Wash off Glow lotion for a mere £3. Yes, THREE POUNDS. I wish I'd bought two now, I'm just as pleased as punch to have found the bargain of the century. I didn't really buy any food apart from some Jelly tots and popcorn. I'm a great adult.