Favourite Things

Every now and again I use things that I get quite attached to, and I call these beauties my favourites. Lush's space girl is one of my favourite bath bombs, and they've recently changed the glitter on top to a biodegradable glitter, so they've covered it in the stuff. It still has the most amazing smell and makes the water a gorgeous purple colour, and so when I went to Lush last, I ended up buying four of these. Oops! Whilst I was there, I picked up Whoosh Shower Jelly, because it smells like grapefruit and its really fun to play with. Maybe in love with it a little bit?

I had a bit of a high end shop and grabbed myself the Le Volume De Chanel mascara because it does give the most incredible volume to the lashes. I went to the hairdressers and wore it, and had three separate women there compliment me on my lashes, so I think I'll be sticking with this one for a while. On the same shopping trip, I bought this matte Mac lipstick in honey love as I've got a massive girl crush on Lana Del Rey and I wanted a neutral lipstick so I could look as perfect as her. The lipstick is perfect but the rest hasn't quite caught up yet...

It might be a bit odd to put a toothpaste in a favourites, but I bloody love this one if I may say so. I really hate strong toothpastes that burn your mouth, but the Oral B 3D White has the perfect amount of mint, and it has lifted quite a few stains from my teeth. Good job Oral-B! Whilst upon my high end haul I picked up the Aveda Damage Remedy conditioner, which I have had before and it rescued me from two years of hardcore hair bleaching, and my hair is feeling a little worse for wear lately, so I have high hopes of this giving me Rapunzel hair. My skin hasn't been so great either, I go through oily phases, so this little sample size of Elizabeth Arden Visible Difference Skin Balancing Lotion (what a mouthful) is light enough to hydrate but not break me out. I have a feeling that a few of these products will be my friends for life...


  1. I love space girl too :) It really cheers me up when I'm down


    1. it does doesn't it? I think its such a bargain price too, its quite the guilt free bath x

  2. Space Girl is one of my favourites too!