100th Follower Giveaway

Now before you get excited, I'm not at 100 followers yet. But when I am, I'm going to do a little giveaway to celebrate!

This competition is not open yet. It will open as soon as I hit 100 followers and I'll post a proper page on it when it opens.

So what are the prizes?

The winner will recieve a Dior Mascara boxset:

(please note, even though two are pictured, only one will be given away, the other is mine ha)

In this boxset you will find a full size Diorshow Iconic mascara and a mini Diorshow Extase mascara.

Als included in this gift will be two other products but I haven't decided on them yet - what would you like to see?

The runner up will recieve two of my all time favourite products from The Body Shop:

The Vitamin E Illuminating Moisturiser - This has an amazing glow to it with light reflecting particles which give your skin radiance and makes a perfect priner for foundation.

The Camomile Waterproof Eye Makeup Remover - This product saved my life. I wear serious amounts of mascara and often false lashes and found nothing would budge my make-up without some serious scrubbing. This takes it all off in two swipes without stinging my eyes or damaging the skin with excessive rubbing.

So there you have it - the winner will recieve a Dior mascara boxset and two other luxury beauty items, and the runner up will recieve two of my all time favourite Body Shop products! Two chances to win!

So all I need is 100 followers - if you'd like to help me out with some shameless plugging that would be apreciated (or you can retweet my posts on this)!  As soon as I hit 100 the competition will open, so the quicker I get to 100, the quicker you have a chance of grabbing some freebies!

What two products would you like to see to accompany the Dior mascara set?

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