Bargain Thursday

Hello all! I've had a couple of bargains this week that I thought I'd share with you all!

Firstly at the moment until tomorrow ELF cosmetics have 30% off (the code is on the website at the top) and this means you can get cheap make-up for even cheaper.. I have ordered off them previously and got a few things and I'm quite impressed for the price! Couldn't resist ordering a few things..

Top row L-R:

Daily Brush Cleaner £3.50, Brush Shampoo £3.50, Radiance Enhancer in Spotlight £3.50, Studio Single Eyeshadow in Pebble £3.50, Hypershine Lipgloss in Bare and Blossom £1.50 each

 Bottom row L-R:

Bamboo Complexion Brush £5.50, Bamboo Blending Eye Brush £5.50, Bamboo Eyeshadow Brush £5.50, Bamboo Contour Brush £5.50, Studio Matte Lip Colour in Natural £3.50, Lip Liner and Blend Brush in Natural, £3.50

This little lot would of cost me £46.00 but with the 30% off it cost me just over £30 (qualifying for free delivery too!) The free delivery is standard uk delivery however I ordered this this morning and got a text at about 3 saying it had been dispatched so service is quite speedy at the moment. If you can't find the code here it is: DIOLCH300K

There's a hairdresser in my town that every now and again spits out discontinued hair products at really dirt cheap prices and includes a lot of the good brands. I picked up a bargain from Bed Head:

This is HealthGoddness - a vitamin booster that rehydrates and detangles. I bought this not only because it was £2 (originally a £12 product) but I've been after a detangler recently because as my hair gets longer its getting super knotted. I used this today (use it on wet hair before combing) and it just made combing so much easier and less painful. It contains vitamins which are great for your hair so it'll improve the condition as well. Unfortunately it is a discontinued product and so I know im going to struggle to find another one after this can - but there are a few dotted around on the internet at cheaper prices so it shouldn't be too difficult. Grab this!

I don't have gum disease but I do find I have sensitive teeth ocassionally. I read somewhere that using a toothbrush with hard bristles can actually brush away the enamel on your teeth a dentist recommended using a soft bristle brush to prevent this. I picked one up from ASDA (mine is pink haha) for the low price of £1 and I can't believe I've coped this long without one. It makes my teeth just as squeaky clean but I don't have sore gums afterwards! Its a really simple thing that if you find you suffer from sensitive teeth or gums or are just worried about the enamel on your teeth - switch to one of these.. you won't regret it!

I also saw the woman in black yesterday at the cinema, and really liked it! Has anyone else seen it? What did you think?

Have you picked up any bargains this week?

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