ACTA London Protest

I went to the ACTA protest in London on the 11th. For those who don't know ACTA its quite an important threat to our freedom on the internet, which will definitely affect everyone, including us bloggers. Originally conspired without public knowledge its aims are to enforce copyright but in extreme ways which will result in internet censorship and violation of our privacy. Its quite important, and to everyone who thinks it wont effect them should think again - because it will.

I am the worlds most unorganised person and so I'm going to share some others images (ironically will be illegal under ACTA) and show the fun that went on.

All the photos below are from TechFleece which includes more information on the event and the inspiring speech from a main speaker.

You'll see a little of me freezing my butt off for internet freedom in the photos and video below, and a lot of john (@mightygoose on twitter) holding a sign reading "if you can read this you are probably a criminal". This sign drew some great attention and if you are wondering why it would make you a criminal its very simple. I'm sharing photos and videos, and even though im sourcing them I don't have copyright permission to do so and you don't have copyright permission to view them. We will both be breaking the law under ACTA and could face being cut off from the internet, heavy fines or even imprisonment.

ACTA is important and a serious issue for everyone. The protest ran smoothly alongside hundreds in europe - and I have to say, the atmosphere was brilliant: a fantastic turnout, great speakers, a lot of media coverage and incredible respect between the the protesters and the police, who were a great support and I can't say a bad word against them as they provided safety for us (stopping traffic for us for example) as well as everyone else. It just goes to show you that protests CAN be peaceful and yet still make a point.

If you haven't already, you can show your support against the battle by signing this petition. You just need to fill in a couple of boxes, no signup required. And if you don't think your voice will make a difference - it will.


What are your thoughts on ACTA? Did you attend a protest?

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