Lush: The Comforter Bubble Bar, Space Girl Bath Bomb & Blackberry Bath Bomb

I was originally going to do these as individual posts but I didn't see the point so I'm jamming this post full of Lush goodness! I bought some bath bombs from Lush (only place to buy them really) and I thought I'd go for ones that I've never tried before. So we've got the Comforter Bubble Bar, Space Girl and Blackberry bath bomb which all vary a little in price and size, but are mostly quite fruity and enjoyable (apart from one, but we'll get back to that)


The pictures are TERRIBLE and I do apologise for that, but I was using my camera phone for some reason..

So The Comforter is a bubble bar and is huge, so you can break it up and use it for more than one bath. I also forgot to take a photo of it whole, so on the photos front I'm pretty useless on this post.. Anyway, The Comforter is £4.25 a bar, which is a little more than the others but you can actually get a lot out of it. After reading some reviews I saw that some people were breaking them into four to get four uses, but I like a lot of bubbles so I went for the half. Its super bubbly which I loved, and it has a great berry scent that is well, comforting. It gives a nice pink bath and makes your skin nice and soft, and I had such a great sleep after using this. It is a little pricey but definitely worth the money. It doesn't stain the bath BUT does stain fabric..keep your white towels away from this one!


I was sooo excited to use this one but honestly I was disappointed on a few fronts. Space Girl is a bath bomb that is a nice lilac colour and contains popping candy for that extra fizz, with a sprinkle of glitter thrown in. I liked the fact that theres only a tiny bit of glitter in it as I didn't want it everywhere. It does fizz everywhere this one, but as you can see my bath was left a boring grey colour, which felt a little like bathing in dirty water. The key ingredient in this is grapefruit to give it a really uplifting scent. Over all I thought it was okay..until I realised I had a massive reaction to it. I'm not normally allergic to any of the ingredients listed but for some reason my skin flared up from this. If you've got sensitive skin I'd beware. On the bright side theres no staining of baths or towels, and its dirt cheap at £2.10 a bomb.


I do love a bomb with bomb written on it, and what can I say, I'm totally in love with this one. Its £2.95 and absolutely huge, and full of blackberry and frankincense to clear your head and make you feel great. The colour is amazing, a really deep cosmic purple that makes you feel like a mythical goddess whilst swishing about in it. It DOES stain towels so keep them well away from this cheeky number, but it makes your skin the smoothest it has ever felt. I will definitely be rebuying this one as it made me feel so good, and a think three quid is worth paying for making you feel good. Winner!

Whats your favourite Lush Bath Bomb?


  1. I love Lush things, my favourite thing for the bath from Lush is the Cerydwyn's Cauldron (possibly spelt that wrong!)
    It comes in a muslin cloth and then once it's dissolved you get real daises floating in your bath and the muslin is nice and soft to wash yourself with, it's amazing!

    Following your blog now :)


    1. oh wow that sounds amazing! I get so overwhelmed going into Lush stores I never really try anything new unless someone helps me, but I think I'll try this one! thanks for following!

  2. Your pictures aren't terrible at all! Thanks for sharing. I've used a select variety of Lush products once before, and I absolutely loved it! The bath bombs are my favorite, though I haven't tried either of the ones you posted. Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Hi thanks, they are taken on my phone so are a bit poor quality but if they are okay then thats great! I would definitely recommend these as they are very, well, lush! x