Vaseline Limited Edition Pink Bubbly Lip Therapy

I saw this online a little while ago on a blog.. (name yourself if it is you!) and knew I just HAD to have it. However after some reading I found it was exclusive to Selfridges only and since I don't have one near me, I struggled with justifying a fiver postage on a £3.49 product. However..I was in my local superdrug today and saw these on the shelf and grabbed one straight away!

The smell of this is amazing. It smells like champagne, strawberries and a little bit of rose. It's such a sweet girly product that deserves to be in every girl's makeup bag.

The camera doesn't pick it up too well but you can see its got tiny bubbles in it..

Its so very lightly tinted as well it doesn't show up that much. How aged do my hands look? :(

It doesn't have any special qualities that normal vaseline doesn't and to be honest it is double the price for the sake of the scent, but it feels quite special and a little bit of luxury..and it tastes a bit...fizzy. An all round winner for me, I'm hoping it'll survive through the cold harsh winter months and give me super soft lips. You can get yours at Superdrug, Boots (I think!) and Selfridges for a cheeky £3.49.

Will you be getting one of these? Whats your winter lip saviour?


  1. Didn't know it before! Looks good :) Thx for sending me your link! I just started following :)

    1. Thanks! Its defintely worth trying!