September Empties

Hello! This is my second edition of "empties"! You can find my August Empties here . I've got through a few more products this month, so let's get started...

Pantene Classic Care Clarifying Shampoo, £4.69, Boots or Superdrug

I loove this shampoo - basically I use this one or twice a week to remove build up of product and give my hair a squeaky clean feel. It's great because its such a simple shampoo that leaves your hair feeling so clean afterwards, and actually removes excess product such as hairspray or gel. I've used this for that purpose ever since I can remember! I tend not to use this more than twice a week because its so good at stripping your hair of product that with continuous use it will fade hair dye quicker - great if you've got a colour you don't like. Its quite cheap compared to some on the market, and I always rebuy this whenever it's on offer.

The Body Shop Coconut Shower Cream, £4

I'm not really a fan of coconut but coconut products seem to be so popular, so I thought I'd give it a go. Over all it was, well okay, but I'm not blown away. Being a cream it did make my skin super soft, but I don't go crazy for the smell of coconut so I probably wouldn't buy it again. If you like coconut I'd say give it a go though.

The Body Shop Nutriganics Refreshing Toner, £9

This is a rebuy and a staple part of my skincare routine. I just LOVE this toner, its absolutely fantastic on my skin. It's part of an anti-ageing organic range, and it makes my skin so soft after use. The aim of this is to, well, tone your skin, and you can actually feel this firming up your skin when you apply it, without drying it out. I would recommend this to anyone who is worried about the affect of ageing on their skin - mine lasts me about three months as it's so highly concentrated.

Dove Maximum Protection deodorant in Go Fresh, £5, from all major retailers

After reading rave reviews on this I thought I'd stray from my usual dove roll on and try this one. Its a stick version and I bought the same scent as I usually buy, as I like how fresh it smells. What can I say, I am so disappointed in this, it did absolutely nothing for me and in fact had the opposite effect. I feel its quite expensive for a deodorant too, so when it didn't work, I did try it till the end but it's just no good. I won't be buying it again and will stick to what I know when it comes to deodorant!

The Body Shop Body Scrub in Brazil Nut, £5 (sale)

I do love body scrubs, and whilst this is a discontinued product, its a fiver in the sale, which is quite a reduction from the body shop's usual £12.50 scrubs, so I gave it a go. Its creamy, really sweet smelling (toffee/coffee scent) and made my skin feel lovely afterwards. I wasn't blown away with the scent, so I probably wouldn't repurchase, but it was pleasant enough to use it all up completely.

Skin Therapy Deep Cleansing Nose Strips, 99p, Wilkinson

I do really love nose strips. They give that weird horrible satisfaction of peeling paper off your nose and staring at all the build up you pulled out of your pores. I used to use Witch Hazel strips until they were discontinued, and after seeing the prices of others, I thought I'd give these a go. I was very much impressed, as these contain witch hazel and tea tree, so do the job just as well as other brands, but are much much cheaper. I already rebought a pack of these - go buy and try!

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder in 003 peach glow, £4.99, Boots or Superdrug

I can't remember why I really bought this - I think it was because I saw a review. But I'm glad I tried it and have got another one already, as I loved it. Its very cheap compared to my Maybelline one that I tend to use, but does a better job. Not only do I find myself with lovely matte skin, but it seems to add a glow to it. The colours were kind of tricky to match up so I blindly bought one in 003, but it was a great match. A great little product from Rimmel.

Natural Collection Blusher in peach melba, £1.99, Boots

I have used this for as long as I can remember - and its become quite popular on the scene, and for good reason. I won't go into too much detail as there are plently of reviews floating around - but it blends well, its a lovely colour and its dirt cheap. I'm trying out an MUA one at the moment but after I finish that I'll most likely repurchase this baby.

No7 Airbrush Away Primer, £19.50, Boots

I didn't buy this one, but adopted it off my mother after she bought it and didn't like it. I list it in my Everyday makeup (here) but since running out of it I can't say I plan to re-buy it. Its okay, just not amazing. It made my skin feel soft, but didn't blur the lines like it promises to, and didn't make any difference to my blending of make-up. If you have dry skin this will probably work wonders for you as its very hydrating. It IS a little pricey at £20, but if you love your primers, give it a go.

L'Oreal Lash Architect 4D Black Laque Mascara, £10.99, Boots/Superdrug/L'Oreal stockist

You can find my full review on this mascara here, so I won't go into it too much. I did end up quite liking it actually, it hasn't beaten my personal favourite (Dior) but for a cheaper alternative it was good. I do quite like trying new mascaras when one runs out so I won't repurchase for the time being, but it won't be forgotten.

Dior Extase Mascara in Black minature, part of a set

I really did love this one, and it has finally come to a complete end, empty and dried up on me finally. I got this as part of a boxset and you can find a full review on this mascara here , but this gave me fantastic eyelashes and it holds a lovely place in my heart. I will at some point, buy the full size of this one, as it was so great!

Sooo those are my empties for this month, quite a few! What did you use up this month? Have you tried any of these products before?

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