You keep me under your spell

So I don't normally do nail posts...mostly because I don't normally do nails. If I do, I tend to stick to nude polish or the ever classic french manicure because it just goes with everything. I'll be honest, my nails are the one thing I really don't pay that much attention to..and as I result I tend to stick on falsies and go with that.

So anyway I've been eyeing up nails on Pinterest and thought I'd give the ever popular accent nail trend a go!

This is part of my Budget series, as I have to be a serious cheapskate at the moment to pay for my masters. I bought all of these varnishes for under a fiver!

L - R: Revlon Nail Enamel in 410 Endless Possibilities, 99p, The 99p Shop - NYC Expert Last Nail Polish in 155 Gramercy Glitz, £2.49, Superdrug - Maybelline Express Finish in 10 Base & Top Coat, 99p, The 99p Shop

Endless Possibilities is my favourite name for a nail varnish ever. And so cheap too! I love Revlon polish because it applies so easily and dries so quick, so I was very happy to see the 99p shop selling this!

I was pleasantly surprised with this NYC polish. I had to apply three coats to get a strong glitter colour, but it dries very fast and doesn't have that horrible scratchy feeling that some glitter polishes can have.

What's your favourite bargain nail varnish?


  1. I think it looks lovely, the colors and just how you did it. It's all very nice looking :)
    Lovely post.