A Lush Package

I realised I haven't wished everyone a happy new year yet, so I hope January is treating everyone well so far! I also hit my 100th post without realising it..oops! I shall be organising a belated 100th post giveaway very soon, once I've gotten back into my routine after the mad christmas rush. You may remember my post on the things I'd just bought from lush... so my Lush parcel turned up...here's the goodies!

(everything minus my Ayesha shampoo, which is already living safely in the fridge)

So firstly I have a couple of things that are bothering me. My floating island and comforter turned up just like this in the box, thrown in on top. No packaging, whilst everything else was wrapped. What? This isn't the biggest deal in the world but I would of expected a little better..

and one of my So White bath bombs turned up like this. Completely crumbled. Massive sadface. I can still use it but its just a shame that more care wasn't taken.

The other three of my So White bath boms are absolutely fine. They're quite strong so its beyond me how one managed to get broken. These were about £1.90 in the sale and as you can see by the broken one, the middle is pink. They smell amazing so I can't wait to try them.

I'd put the Mint lip scrub in my basket until I saw the happy hour sale and saw these at about £2.50 each, so I bought two! They both have till the end of this year on their date which is fantastic, as my previous lip scrub had about three weeks on it! They smell just like butterscotch popcorn so its just as well you can eat them..

I spent so much time dithering on shampoos from Lush, thanks to the help of the bbloggers chat I thought it best to play it safe with a couple of small bottles. I bought the I love Juicy because the attraction of super squeaky hair with a mango smell was brilliant, and the Rehab to get my hair back in shape after being ill. I love the smell of both of them, the I love Juicy is quite sweet and the Rehab has a slight menthol smell to it.

The ickle baby bot bomb is made for children, but aparently it helps you sleep so I'm giving it a go. The Avobath smells AMAZING! I'm really excited to try that one. The Yuzu and cocoa is a bubble bar and I'm hoping to get two uses out of it.

Also in the parcel was my Ayesha face mask, but I put it in the fridge, forgot about it and then just realised when writing this up. Ayesha absolutely reeks of asparagus which isn't really the best smell but I can deal with it.

As I try everything I'll pop up reviews!

Happy 101 posts!


  1. How exciting?! I love lush and it's nice to treat yourself, I really miss having a bath :( Shane about the broken ones and packaging. I got a sweet lips lip scrub for £2.50, one of the best things I've done! Yuzu and cocoa is my favourite lush scent!

    1. You're the second person to tell me yuzu and cocoa is great, so I'm very glad I got it!