Nip + Fab Shine Fix Mattifying Gel

I've had this for a little while now and bought it as an early christmas present for myself for the bargain price of £3 at TK Maxx. It retails at about a tenner so I thought I would give it a go for such a cheap deal. I wanted to try it before writing a full review on it, and I can safely say I'm hugely impressed with this product.

The Shine Fix Mattifying gel claims to prevent shine and reduce the size of visible pores by controlling and absorbing excess oil.

This seriously works for me, and honestly, I can't figure it out. There is nothing in the ingredients that should make it work any more so than any other product that claims to control excess oil. It could possibly be the nettle in the ingredients, even though its really far down on the list.

 The gel is very light in consistency and has a matt effect to it, which I guess does help in mattying the skin. A little definitely goes a long way with it, which is a good job as the tube itself is only 15ml..

I use this on my oily areas - my tzone, and find that it helps my skin stay less shiny throughout the day, which does me such a favour as I've noticed I'm using less powder throughout the day.

Coincidence? Possibly, but as long a I get results by using this, I will continue to do so.

Have you tried any Nip + Fab products before?


  1. I have this from a glamour subscription gift. I like it too but find it still doesn't quite live up to the Benefit porefessional. I'm guessing you use it with a primer?

    1. Its strange,the benefit porefessional did nothing for me! I use it with smashbox photo finish primer x

  2. I nearly bought this the other day when I was in TK Maxx! But I bought Spot Fix instead, which I've used twice and I like it so far :) if this is still there the next time I go I might buy it.


    1. does the spot fix work? This is definitely worth the price!