Lush Gift Card Spend

I'm wallowing in illness and self pity at the moment, having taken a day off work to recover, I am currently feeling quite sorry for myself. I can't do much as I am somewhat confined to my bed so I decided to spend my £50 Lush giftcard. I'm too impatient to wait for it to turn up before I share what I got with you.. I was also lucky enough to catch their Happy Hour sale where I grabbed a couple of good bargains. I've put myself on a spending ban this January, but giftcards don't count right?

The Comforter bubble bar / Avobath bath bomb / Yuzu and Cocoa bubbleroon / Rehab 100ml Shampoo

Ickle baby bot bath bomb / Ayesha fresh face mask / Floating Island luxury bath melt / I love Juicy 100ml shampoo

x4 So White bath bomb / x2 Popcorn Lip Scrub

What are your recent purchases?


  1. I love Lush so much!! :) I really need to get myself down there and get some more bits! Yuzu & Cocoa is one of my favourite! :)
    LaceyLoves x

    1. I've never tried yuzu and cocoa so I'm glad its good! My order turned up friday. one bath bomb is completely broken and two were unwrapped so they've melted a bit onto eachother..not a happy bunny!