Pout Perfect Kisses Lip Kit

One of my favourite make-up brands has always been Pout. They had everything; good makeup, good prices, pretty packaging and a following of celebrities raving about the products. Unfortunately the brand was discontinued a lifetime ago but you can still find bits of it floating about on the internet, particularly ebay.

I was lucky to get some of it for christmas, in particular this beautiful Perfect Kisses lip kit. The lip kit contains a lip scrub, a lip balm, a lip plumping gloss and a lip liner, all in a minature kit with stunning packaging and a silky tie up bow.

L-R: Lip exfoliator, Super Balm, Pout Plump in Bubblegum, Lip Liner

The lip exfoliator is a sugar scrub is thick in consistency, smelling strongly of honey (yum) and tends to stick to your lips much better than other brands (Lush!) and scrub them. It has a sweet taste and comes with a typical squeeze tube applicator. There isn't a huge amount of sugar in this but plenty to do the job, and I think the smell is really nice without being too overpowering.

The super balm is for use after the exfoliator. Like the scrub, it has a strong smell of honey to it and is quite thick in consistency. I haven't really used too much of it but it does the job of making your lips feel moisturised, and has the added bonus of being able to pop it into your bag if you don't want to carry the whole kit.

Pout's Lip Plump was one of the first lip plumping glosses that I knew about. The full size versions were beautiful, they came in an inflated packet and varied in colour from clear to caramel coloured. I remember there being such hype about this lip plump and it doesn't disappoint. This kit comes in Bubblegum, a classic pink lipgloss. The one thing I like about this lip plump is it doesn't sting too much like Too Faced's lip injection can, but adds a lovely touch of gloss and makes you feel all a pouty.

The lip liner is the only bit of the kit I find a little disappointing. The colour is really accurate to the shade of my natural lip colour, so it doesn't look too obvious, but I find the pencil a little chalky and quite hard to draw a line with without using a lot of pressure, which isn't something I like to do on my lips. Its quite a small size so I can't imagine it lasting too long, but it may work better for other people who would get more use out of it.

I think this lip kit is a forgotten gem from such a good cosmetic brand, and its such a shame it is so hard to get hold of! There are currently two sellers on Ebay offering the kit brand new for £6.99. You can find them HERE and HERE.

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