30 Ways To Save £1

Hello friends! Moneysupermarket are holding a competition to win £1000. I'm all for saving money so I thought I would throw in my tips for saving up! If they receive over 1000 ways to save, the money gets doubled! Get involved!

Here's my tips for saving:

1. Before buying anything on the Internet, always search for voucher codes for a % off or free delivery. Chances are there is a code knocking around!
2. Use websites such as quidco or top cashback to get money back on purchases - sometimes you get money for just walking into some shops!
3. Follow 10 ways to have more money as as student without working on facebook. I'm no longer a student, and I still use it. They post lots of price glitches for everything from food to to printers. Find them HERE
4. Always ask for a receipt when buying ANYTHING, and keep them all in an envelope. At the end of each month you can go through your receipts and see what you wasted money on, and how you can save next month by cutting out these things.
5. Sign up for every advantage card or points card that you can. They might be a pain to carry around in your purse but the chances are the day you don't have it you'll need it, and that could be points to give you money!
6. Drawing out money in cash for particular things like shopping, or nights out, can help you not overspend.
7. Keep change jars - for any amount you like. I like to keep a jar for 1ps and 2ps, and another for silvers. Put any spare change you have or find in these jars - it adds up super fast. Change them up at the bank rather than a machine, because you don't have to pay a percentage cut.
8. Regularly scout 99p and pound stores for everything because you can pick up some amazing bargains at the fraction of the regular price.
9. When food shopping, always check out the reduced isle sections, where you can find some great bargains. You can freeze them and you often get them for half the price.
10. If you live in a town that has a greengrocers, farm shops or markets, do check them out. Smaller companies have smaller overheads so you can often get fruit and veg at a really good price.
11. Websites like Approved Foods are fantastic - you can get some amazing bargains on there. These websites are especially great for students as you can seriously bulk buy on there. If you live with other people, all buy together so you only pay the one postage.
12. If you are on a budget and thinking about trying a new product, research the hell out of it and read tons of reviews, to find swatches or pictures etc. That way you can really decide if it is for you without wasting money.
13. If you have a credit card that tempts you - put it in a Tupperware, fill it up with water, and freeze it.  When you get tempted to spend, you have to take it out of the freezer, and wait for it to melt. This gives you a lot of time to decide whether you really need that impulse buy.
14. If you also have the restraint you can get a credit card that offers cashback on purchases - to avoid interest charges you have to pay these off in full every month. You can get a reasonable amount of money back if you have the self control not to overspend.
15. If you are a student, use student discount! Always ask if shops offer student discount, use student codes online, when buying Apple products use student discounts, and when buying MAC makeup, if you qualify, get a student pro account!
16. When shopping and you see offers such as 3 for 2, ask yourself - do you REALLY need other items? Can you REALLY afford them? And if you say no, then don't buy it. Sometimes these offers seem great but are just used to suck you in and convince you to spend more than you actually intended.
17. Set up an online savings account - I recently did, and its the best thing ever. You don't get a debit card for it so you can't use it unless you transfer the money across, and some can take up to 4 days to clear. Its a great way to save for something.
18. Use websites such as freecycle, gumtree and local buy and sell facebook pages for your town. You can get so many free items or items very cheap.
19. Bootfairs and charity shops are amazing too - you can pick up so many bargains at a great price!
20. Bootfairs are also perfect for selling your unwanted items without having to worry about ebay or postage fees.
21. If you do sell on eBay, wait until they have free listing days. Then you only pay a cut if you sell. Offer collection too to save on postage costs, and then you can have cash in hand too to save on the paypal cut!
22. Writing lists when going shopping are great for budgeting - then you can stick to it and not get tempted!
23. If you get tempted anyway, online food shop. That way you cut out all the impulse buys, and often replacements for your chosen items can be more expensive than what you originally chose.
24. If you have a taste for designer items - flash sale websites like Cocosa or SecretSales have amazing collections at seriously cut prices.
25. If you buy off eBay, set yourself a price limit and don't go over it. Its really easy to get caught up in a bidding war and pay much more for something than you intended to.
26. Always carry a plastic bag in your handbag. A lot of shops now charge for bags and if you nip into one quickly, you won't get caught out. 5p every now and again all adds up!
27. Don't be afraid to regularly check your bank account, its good to keep track of your money, even if you don't have much of it.
28. Save a little bit each month if you have bills like car insurance. That way you can pay it in one go and save yourself money - its cheaper!
29. When buying clothes, keep the receipt and the tag on until you decide to wear it. That way, if you change your mind, you can take it back instead of wasting money.
30. Never be too proud to accept freebies off anybody. Its so rare to get anything for free now - so when those opportunities come round - take them!

What are your money saving tips?

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  1. Your blog is soo cute :D I love some of your tips.. especially 14, 25 and 30 :D xx
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