Lush Avobath Bath Bomb

Hello! I'm very nearly at the end of my super huge Lush haul that I had at the start of the year with a lovely gift card from my brother. I bought a ton of bath bombs and a few other items with it - one I had to throw away because I'm pretty sure when it turned up it had gone off because it had a very strange smell to it...This is my second to last bomb, the Avobath bomb. I've not used this one before but I was really drawn in by the lemongrass and the olive oil in it.

'Use this when your skin is thirsty and your mind is blocked. If you haven’t got a friend to tell you to pull your socks up and get back up and out there, then this ballistic will do the job for you!'

 Well, I knew there would be a time where I would need something to make me feel normal again and clear my head, and this did the job pretty nicely!

The initial picture doesn't really show the colour of it - its a wonderful lime green and it has the most amazing citrus smell, which to me isn't that lemony - I almost got grapefruit notes from it. I loved it anyway, as these scents are right up my street. The nature of these smells means that they aren't intended to make you feel all sleepy and relaxed - they make you relaxed in a very uplifted way.

I should point out - this bath bomb does not create bubbles - I added those because a bath doesn't feel like bath if it's without bubbles...

The water goes this lovely green colour - if you aren't a fan of this, definitely avoid. It did make my skin feel super soft and the uplifting smell cleared my head and made me feel brand new. I'm really impressed with this bomb!

The bomb itself is £3.20 from Lush which is one of their more expensive bombs from the core range, but if you like to be thrifty you could definitely chop this in half and get a couple of baths out of it. I'd definitely say try this one if you need some me time!

What is your favourite Lush bath bomb?


  1. I tried this ages ago but since have a new found love for avocados, maybe I should try it again!

    1. I don't get too much avocado scent from it, which is great as I'm not a huge fan! x