The Budget Series: Montagne Jeunnesse Green Tea Peel Off Masque

I'm still on my search for the perfect face mask. I saw this in the shops, and thought I would try it. I really like peel off masks because there is such little mess with them.

I'm not sure how I feel about sachet masks - I always find there is just a little too much in there for me, and then I don't know how to store it, so just waste it by throwing. At £1 a sachet it isn't such a crime, but I wish I could get more use out of the leftovers!

So this one contains Green tea, ginger and lemon, to refresh, cleanse and give a radiant complexion. I really liked this one, it certainly did refresh my skin - I felt so clean afterwards! It didn't leave my skin feeling tight either, which was great, and there was no tingling on the skin which sometimes makes me feel as if I'm going to react to it. I found it took the full 20 minutes to properly set, but after that it peeled off lovely.

Its a lovely lemon colour, and they are very runny and very sticky - so I like to use a spatula to apply as your fingers can get a bit sticky otherwise. It sets to a similar colour to this, but perhaps a little lighter. 

The only gripe I have with peel off masks is that they NEVER peel off in one go, so can be a little time consuming if you get some stuck on your face. But I would definitely buy this one again as I loved how my skin felt afterwards, clean, refreshed, and so so soft!

I don't really know if this actually made a difference to my skin, or whether it just made it feel nice. Continued use of this would show any long term results, but am I the only one that never seems to continually use the same sachet masks? I don't know if this one comes in a tube as I haven't seen it in a tube, but if it did, I would definitely buy it.

What's your favourite face mask that you would recommend to someone?


  1. i like the fact that this is a peel off mask, it always makes me feel like I'm stripping all the rubbish off my face but I agree with you I never seem to use the same mask for long enough to see any long term results :) good review lovely :-) xx


    1. Have you ever seen American Psycho? I always think of that movie when I'm peeling off a face mask haha! Thank you :) x

  2. Love this mask!! Can't get enough of a peely one haha it's like a guilty pleasure!xx

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