Honey Glazed Pork With a Dukkah Crust

I really should start using my nice camera for food pictures, they never seem look as good on a camera phone!

Following the positivity on my last foodie post, I'm thinking about making this a more regular thing. Today I made Pork, glazed with honey and soy sauce, and topped with a smoked passion chilli dukka.

What is Dukkah?

I'm really new to Dukkah, but I absolutely love it already. It's an Egyptian dip made of herbs, spices, seeds and nuts, and normally eaten with bread and oil. It's super tasty. You can make it yourself of course, and there are plenty of recipes online for this, but I bought mine - it has a smokey flavour with passion chilli and is super tasty.

I wanted to see what it was like as a topping for meat - so I mixed up the easiest marinade of honey, dark soy sauce and garlic, and smothered it on top of pork chops (fat cut off!), then sprinkled the Dukkah on top, popped into some foil for 20 minutes, and then open for 10 so the top went all crusty and tasty. I served with brown rice, mushrooms and spring onions, but I want to try it with rice noodles for some crazy fusion mix.


A nice grainy close up of the topping - you can also see the honey glaze too. So tasty.

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